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Who are we?

Jason has been working at Fresh Start Detail Co. since 1995; detailing cars and building Detailer's Lights for hard working detailing professionals. 

My shop is small but I take pride in my high-quality work and extreme customer satisfaction. 

This is why I proudly guarantee everything I do!
I'm always accessible for questions or feedback at:

(503) 641-3285 or in person at:

12130 SW Broadway St., Beaverton OR 97005-2144

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"Finally, I can see!"

We've operated our high-end car detailing shop in "dark and gloomy" Portland, Oregon since 1995. 
After years of trying cheaper lights, and modifying underhood lights we eventually designed and built our own killer Detailer's Light. 
It made such a HUGE difference in our Interior Detailing quality that we decided to make them available to you, the like-minded professional who details for a career. 
Detailing and cars isn't just some weekend gig for extra cash for us, it's who we are!

Greg Pagh, Detailing Pros, Portland, OR

"I couldn't do a quality interior detail without it. It is one of my favorite tools."

Adam Huber’s Detailing, Sioux Falls, SD

“Super great to work with. Top notch customer service and a great product."

Ryan Hendricks, Finishing Touch Auto Detailing, Stayton, OR

“Jason in Beaverton, Oregon, designed these amazing interior work lights. We’ve tested lots of interior lights and underhood lights for this purpose and this is the only one that puts out enough light to show every spec of dirt in the car.
One of our favorite features is the length of the unit and the attachment straps, they are designed so that the doors can be closed without damaging the paint. A must have for any shop doing interior detailing.”

Yvan Lacroix, Lave auto Répare-brise, Granby, QC, Canada

“Attention detailers, I get many questions about how to increase efficiency and reduce redo's when doing interiors.  Proper lighting is the key to both, and up until now I have yet to find that light.

My search has ended, this light made and designed in the USA by veteran detailer Jason is the answer.
This light is everything it's made out to be and more.  This puts all those underhood lights to shame. Well worth the investment.

The term 'game changer' gets thrown around a lot in our industry, well this my friend qualifies as one. Watch this video and see for yourself.  Then feel free to share this post once you've ordered one."

Jessica Baldenhofer, South Dakota

“I own a mobile detailing business in South Dakota and have been looking high and low for an interior light that would help me produce amazing results on interiors because I could see every little detail inside.
This light was by far the best money I have spent. Now I can see exactly the condition of the interior before and after and don't have to rely on pulling it outside.
So how bright is this light? Let me put it to you this way. If you have a Tahoe and hang it in the front two doors it EASILY lights up the ENTIRE interior. No switching the light to the back doors because it floods the whole interior.

Would absolutely buy again.”

Brian Prescott, Gear Head Detailing, Nampa, ID

“No more fumbling around with work lights or trying to get your something propped up in the correct position so you can see. I wasn't aware of how dark my work space really was until I started using this interior work light. I can see everything, I can now do a higher quality detail and it’s simple to use.
This is a must for a detailing shop.”

Benefits of the Detailer's Light

  • Brightest Light

    3,600 lumens of 64ook natural sunlight flooding the interior.
    Weaker lights trick your eyes,  hide stains and cast more shadows.

  • Close the Doors While Installed

    Other lights will cause serious damage to your client's car if you (or an employee) accidentally close the door.

  • Designed specifically for You

    This isn't a rehashed underhood light.
    This is designed so you can do your best quality work and earn more money.


What's so special about your Detailer's Light?

Bluntly, our light works better than any other light on the market, period.  It's brighter, doesn't cause damage to your client's car, and has no batteries to run dead. 
Also, the light is cast throughout the interior more than those cheapy directional LED lights. 
You don't need to "aim" our light, just install it and start working.

What if I buy it and don't like it?

Return it to us in saleable condition within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

How long will this tool last?

We still have years-old models used daily in our own shop and have yet to experience one single failure!  We have a 6 month warranty which means we'll fix or replace any broken parts at our expense as long as it's not from misuse.  It's a damn durable tool, but it's not indestructible.  Just treat it like something you've paid well over a hundred bucks for and it will last many years.

What's all this talk about "lumens" and "6400k" light?

Lumens are how much a light bulb actually produces, so the more the better.  The "K" part is the color the light produces, 6400-6500k is considered as close to natural sunlight as possible.  This is important for an interior detailing light because lower rated "K" lights will distort the appearance of the carpets and fabrics, causing stains to disappear.  NOT GOOD!  You think the stain is gone until you customer sees it in natural sunlight and it rears its ugly head!

Returns and Warranty Policy

You have 30 days from receipt of your order to return it to us FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER for a 100% refund of the purchase price. You are responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning the item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We strongly recommend using the original box and packaging material to prevent breakage during shipping. We also recommend using a trackable shipping service with appropriate insurance. The item must be returned in re-saleable condition. For prior authorization and instructions contact us directly at (503) 641-3285
Our shipping address is:
Blue Flag Enterprises, Inc., 12130 SW Broadway St., Beaverton OR US 97005-2144

We will replace the entire item or parts as necessary at our expense including shipping for a period of 6 months.  Just contact us directly at (503) 641-3285 for instructions.